JetFlex SmartStripDiffusers®

Cutting operational cost by energy-efficient JetFlex SmartStripDiffusers®

The new JetFlex SmartStripDiffuser® (SSD) of Jaeger Envirotech India lifts aeration technology to the next level: The ultra fine needled polyurethane membrane with a thickness of only 0.6mm creates smallest bubbles for oxygen transfer efficiencies (SOTE) of up to 11%/m at a pressure level of conventional diffusers.​

The outstanding efficiency and the long life cycle of the membranes of up to 15 years make this diffuser the perfect choice for every operator who is intending to run his facility at the lowest possible operational costs. Compared to conventional low CAPEX aeration systems power savings of up to 50% become achievable.

cropped Image of the JetFlex® SmartStripDiffuser

Compared to conventional aeration systems SmartStripDiffuser® systems provide low operating costs and require smaller blowers and less piping, which results in significantly reduced overall lower life cycle costs.

Reduction of operational costs

Reduced environmental impact and optimized sustainability

Comparsion of Conventional Aeration with Jaeger JETFlex SSD


An application which requires 1000 kg of Oxygen per hour consumes 2.4 GWhs of electrical power per year, based on the efficiency of conventional aeration systems (SOTE ~ 6%/m). If operated over 15 years the costs of electricity sum up to about 40 Crore INR. In many cases more than 25% of this amount (here ~10 Crore) can be saved by the use of the SSD with an achievable SOTE of up to 11%/m. On a regular basis the additional costs of the highly efficient aeration system are compensated by the energy savings within the first two years of operation. If only the membrane is to be supplied, it can be rolled up in a spiral form. This drastically reduces shipping weight and volume. The constructive separation of the membrane leads not only to time, material and money saving, but it also relieves the environment through a reduced CO2 footprint and energy savings.

Comparsion of Conventional Aeration with Jaeger JETFlex SSD.

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