Diffuser Selection and Aeration System Design

With the JetFlex® diffusers Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH offers efficient and high-quality aeration elements for biological wastewater treatment. Based on 80 years of rubber expertise Jäger remains the industry’s innovation leader for ultrafine bubble diffusers. Reliability, longevity and high oxygen transfer efficiency make Jäger diffusers best in class.

JetFlex® TD Tube Diffuser

TD Series

The JetFlex® TD is an innovative aeration solution that offers outstanding performance and efficiency. With the cost-effective design, low maintenance and low installation costs, it is ideal for projects with limited budgets and high aeration efficiency requirements. The TD is suitable for continuous and intermittent operation, providing a reliable and durable solution for fine bubble aeration.

JetFlex® TD Tube Diffuser

Top Facts

Cost-effective design and efficient performance

Easy installation and low maintenance

Continuous and intermittent operation

Flexible lengthand diameter selection

Adaptable and versatile connection options

Membranes for JetFlex® TD tube diffusers

Innovation and performance: the advantages of the TD series at a glance

JetFlex TD offers a wide range of benefits that makes it the best-in-class aeration solution. Thanks to our 100% quality control, you can count on consistent quality and high efficiency. With possible diffuser densities of up to 70%, they allow for high overall SORs and provide effective aeration for your facility. Installation is quick and easy, saving time and effort. The tubular geometry makes this diffuser type ideal for liftable aeration grids.

These products are available in three different lengths (0.5 m, 0.75 m and 1 m), providing flexibility for different applications. With two diameters available (90 mm and 65 mm), you can choose the optimal size for your needs. The different slot patterns available allow a targeted adaptation to the specific operating requirements and conditions of your plant.

JetFlex TD offers multiple connection options to steel and plastic pipes that allow a flexible adaptation to project specifications. In addition, membrane options EPDM, Silicone and PUR, are available. Developed for a dependablelong-life performance in the classic municipal and industrial applications.

Rely on JetFlex TD to benefit from consistent quality, high efficiency, easy installation, adaptability and multiple connection options. This product provides the reliable and effective aeration solution you need to keep your facility running optimally.

JetFlex TD® Tube Diffusers
Bubble shield with JetFlex TD® Tube Diffusers

The TD 65 and TD90 Tube Diffusers are equipped with two grooves along the top and the bottom of the support.​

Cross section from a tube diffuser with water

Section 1:
In operation

Cross section from a tube diffuser without water

Section 2:
Shutt off

tube diffuser with a support pipe with grooves

Support pipe with grooves

JetFlex® HD Disc

HD Series

The JetFlex HD disc diffuser is a proven system for fine bubble aeration in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants worldwide. If you have low cost, solid efficiency and long life cycle as key requirements, the JetFlex HD is the perfect choice.

JetFlex® HD Disc Diffuser

Top Facts

Worldwide use in wastewater treatment plants

Cost, efficiency, life cycle

Adaptability to operating conditions

Different membrane materials available

Robust design, easy installation

We offer a wide range of slot patterns that can be specifically customized to meet the individual operating requirements and conditions of your wastewater treatment plant. This ensures optimal aeration and maximum efficiency at a low operating pressure. 

The JetFlex HD offers you an extensive choice of connection options for steel and plastic pipes. This gives you the flexibility to seamlessly integrate the disc diffuser into your existing piping system

We offer various high-quality membrane materials such as EPDM, silicone and PUR. This allows you to select the right material for your specific requirements and get a reliable and durable aeration solution.

The JetFlex HD disc diffuser offers you the optimal combination of performance, efficiency, low pressure loss and durability. With its customizable slot patterns, wide range of connection options and high-quality membrane materials, it can be the ideal solution for your wastewater treatment plant. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the JetFlex HD and its benefits.

Rows with the JetFlex® HD Disc Diffusers in a clarifier.

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JetFlex® CBD Coarse Bubble Diffuser

The JetFlex CBD is the perfect solution for efficient aeration in wastewater treatment plants. Our CBD diffusers are specifically designed for high mixing performance. Whether installed in a grit chamber or as a secondary aerator, they allow large volumes of air to pass through to achieve optimal mixing at low oxygen concentrations.
Cropped image of the JetFlex® Coarse Bubble Diffuser

Top Facts

High mixing performance

Installation in the sand trap or as post aeration

Large air volumes through the diffuser

Low oxygen concentrations

JetFlex CBD: Efficient aeration for wastewater treatment plants with outstanding features

With a diameter of 105 mm, it offers the ideal size for effective aeration. Thanks to its high-quality silicone membrane and glass fiber-reinforced plastic, the JetFlex CBD is extremely robust and resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal influences. You can count on a long service life and reliable performance. For even more flexibility, the optional check valve is available. It prevents water from flowing back into the aeration system and ensures continuous and efficient aeration. The JetFlex CBD is perfect for intermittent operation. It can easily adapt to the changing demands of your wastewater treatment plant and ensure reliable aeration. With the JetFlex CBD you get a first-class solution for the aeration of your wastewater treatment plant. The combination of optimum size, robust design, optional check valve and suitability for intermittent operation makes it the perfect choice.

Closer shot of a wind turbine

Wind Energy Products

Wind turbines are continuously achieving larger dimensions in order to reach higher energy yields. As the power of wind turbines rises, so do the demands on the gearboxes, rotor blades, towers and, above all, the components of the wind turbines themselves.

These requests focus on durability, efficiency and functional safety. With customized polymer-based materials and components, we support wind turbine manufacturers and their suppliers to reach these goals. We provide a diverse portfolio of components for rotor blade manufacturing, nacelle and hub, tower construction, and transportation and cargo safety.

Our components are reliably dimensioned and made of high-quality, tested materials that are essential in the production of high-performance rotor blades with a long service life.

Top Facts

Customized polymer-based materials

Broad component portfolio

Reliably dimensioned components

High-quality materials

High-quality materials

Optimize your vacuum infusion with our versatile range of accessories!

Discover our extensive range of hose assemblies, flow aids and accessories for vacuum infusion. We offer plastic hose assemblies in various sizes and made of different materials to meet your individual requirements. Our selection also includes

In addition, we offer compensation bags to help you with vacuum infusion. All components are carefully assembled and can be installed as a set according to your specific requirements. Rely on high-quality products to help you achieve efficient vacuum infusion.

Seals and profiles for rotor blade production

Our company offers high-quality seals and profiles for rotor blade production. Specially designed for the production of FRP elements, our products offer optimal performance and reliability. We use special profiles made of high-quality silicone, butyl or EPDM, which are perfectly adapted to the requirements of rotor blade manufacturing. These profiles ensure effective sealing and enable precise assembly of the GRP elements. With our high-quality selection of seals and profiles, you can be sure that your rotor blades will be durable, energy efficient and reliable. Rely on our products to take your rotor blade manufacturing to the next level.